Polaris General 19+ and Ranger XP 1000 18+ Plug and Play Turn Signal System with Horn

Plug and Play Easy Install
Fits 2018 up New Body Style Polaris Ranger XP 1000 and 2019 General
2 and 4 Seat Models (non ride command Rangers or non Northstar factory installed winch models)
Plugs into OEM Polaris Pulse Busbar for Power
Plugs into OEM Brake Light Harness, using Factory Rear Lights
Laser Etched LED Lit Turn Switch
Lit Horn Emergency Hazard Switch
Rear Power Out for optional license plate light
Automotive Horn
Made in the USA!




Plug and Play Turn Signal Kit for 2019+ Polaris General/Ranger equipped with the new Polaris Pulse Busbar

XTC Power Products Leads the way in UTV wiring. Installing turn signals on a UTV is easier than ever with our Plug and Play Turn Signal System for the Polaris General/Ranger with Polaris Pulse Busbar. The TSS (Turn Signal System) consists of a relay control box and horn that mounts under the hood and turn signal, and custom hazard/horn switches that mount in the dash. A supplied vehicle-specific rear harness integrates into the Polaris Rangers OEM taillights converting them to turn signals. *2019+ Polaris Rangers WITHOUT factory installed ride command have 4-pin rear harnesses that supply power to the rear tail lights, they use part# TSS-POL-GBU. Polaris Rangers WITH factory installed Ride Command have 8-pin rear harnesses that supply power to the rear tail lights AND factory reverse camera, which use this pt# TSS-POL-RCBU.

How the TSS Works

All TSS part numbers include a marine grade rocker switch with laser-cut directional arrows that flash red when activated. When you press the turn signal rocker switch, the TSS will activate the turn blinker, returning the switch to the center position cancels the blinker. Each TSS has a vehicle-specific harness that plugs inline with the rear factory taillight harness. The brake light signal passes through the TSS. As a result, the opposing brake light still functions normally while the activated turn signal brake light flashes.

Also Included

Also included in our Plug and Play Polaris General/Ranger turn signal kit is a ‘Hazard/Horn’ rocker switch. Pressing the top ‘Hazard’ side of the actuator will turn on the hazard lights, returning the switch to the center position deactivates them. Furthermore, pressing the lower portion of the custom rocker switch will activate the included street legal FIAMM horn. A front harness is supplied that includes two Maxxima 3/4″ Amber LED lights that mount in each corner by drilling out a whole. Additional lights and splitter are sold separately for those looking to expand their setup.

Hands-on with the Plug and Play TSS Polaris General/Ranger Turn Signal Kit

Unlike our competitors, all TSS kits include an auxiliary power out for a license plate light or whip lights. Moreover the aux power is good for powering our 6″ LED Lit License Plate Frame.  Above all, each system comes with a vehicle specific power connection. Without a doubt, it’s easy to install with no wires to cut and no crimping. Everything needed to integrate with your vehicles OEM brake light harness included. Unplug the rear light harness, plug-in ours, and enjoy. XTC Power Products, made in America and Wired For Fun®!

If you have a Polaris Ranger XP WITH OUT the Polaris Pulse busbar, use part number TSS-RAN900

If you have a 2016-18 Polaris General, use TSS-POL-GEN

Make Model Year
Polaris General 2018 - 2024

Additional information

Weight 51 oz
Dimensions 11.25 × 8.75 × 4.25 in

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