Frequently Asked Questions:

Are XTC Turn Signal Systems really Plug and Play?

Yes, with the exception of the ATS-UNI-I and TSS-UNI-I, these parts numbers include a custom wire harness that can be spliced into any +12v LED tail light system.

On my Polaris Ranger, why does the right taillight flash when I press the left turn signal button,  and vice versa?

Polaris manufactures the Ranger models from multiple facilities. None of these cars come equipped with turn signals, and both left and right tail light wires are orange. These can get mixed up when the UTV during the manufacturing process, as it’s not pertinent to their needs. The simplest method to remedy this is to unpin the 2 factory orange wires going to each rear tail light and swap them around.

Will an XTC Power Products Turn Signal System with Horn make my UTV street legal?

No, Laws permitting the use of a UTV on public roadways vary from state to state and, in some cases, county to county. Our Turn Signals Systems help aid those that need to meet specific criteria to utilize those roadways. For more information on Street Legalizing your UTV along with an updated list of states that currently allow UTVs on public roads, please check out the article ‘STREET LEGALIZE YOUR UTV’ from our friends at UTV Action Magazine.


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