Universal Plug & Play® Turn Signal System with Horn

Universal Turn Signal Kit Fits any +12Vdc Power system
Two Rear Light Wiring Options Available:
1. OEM Interface Wires Utilizing Factory Brake lights
2. Two .75″ 3 LED Rear Red Lights
(Requires Positive(+) Taillight signal for Wired Integration)
Laser Etched LED Turn Switch
Lit Emergency Hazard Switch
Rear Power Out for optional license plate light
Made in the USA!

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XTC® Power Products leads the way in UTV wiring. From our Plug & Play Product line comes our TSS-Turn Signal System (Patent Pending). The System comes with a Marine Switch that activates the Turn Signal System and Indicates with a flashing arrow. 3/4″ LED Lights included with part number TSS-UNI, OEM Wiring Interface Adapter included with part number TSS-UNI-I.

To interface with the rear brake lights, run the long harness to the right and left brake light, cut the two brake wires and make three crimps. The system comes with pre-made wire harnesses and front LED Turn Signals. Since these vehicles are used primarily for off road, the lit dash switch is more practical over those cumbersome turn levers that break off. It includes a lit Hazard Switch. XTC Power Products are made in America.  XTC® Gets You Wired For Fun™!


Check out our upgraded Self-Canceling version of this system the ATS-UNI-I

3/4″ LED Light Wiring Diagram

Universal Plug & Play™ Turn Signal System with Horn - Uses OE Brake Lights

OEM Interface Wiring Diagram

Universal Turn Signal System with 3/4" LEDs Diagram

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Dimensions 11.25 × 8.75 × 4.25 in

Installation Help

OEM Interface Wiring Instructions – TSS-UNI-I-IB

3/4″  LED Light Wiring Diagram – TSS-UNI-IB