• Universal UTV Turn Signal System with Horn - Fits 2 and 4 seat, Uses Factory Brake Lights.

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    Universal UTV Turn Signal System with Horn. Fits most UTV's, 2 and 4 Seat Models and uses the Factory Brake Lights as Turn Indicators.

    Our Turn Signal System is unique from the other kits on the market. This kit is from our Plug & PlayTM  line of Turn Signal Systems. This system interfaces with the factory brake lights so the OEM lights become both turn indicators and brake lights. It fits UTV's, Jeeps, Trucks, Sand Cars or any vehicle with positive brake systems where 12 vdc is switched on and off to activate the Brake lights. There is only five wires to hook-up, power, ground Left brake light and Right brake light and Brake Light power. Since these vehicles are used primarily for off road, we use a sealed lit switch on the dash, instead of those cumbersome turn levers that break off. It includes a lit Hazard Switch, Horn Switch and Horn